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Hunter and Crew,

We want to thank all of you for your hard work and skills in making our new home a welcoming and beautiful place.  We absolutely love the outcome of the remodel..  You and “The Guys” were always respectful and polite to us, which is very much appreciated.  Again, many many thanks for a job well-done!

Rob and Donna Reinbold



After spending 33 years in the same home in Springfield, Ohio, moving to Tellico Village and building our first home was an extremely exciting time in our lives. Choosing Kenny Mashburn as our builder allowed us to truly enjoy the whole process involved in this move.
After looking at a lot of options and talking with several builders, we were introduced to Kenny as he was starting to work on a home at 138 Talah Way. It took only a few minutes of talking to know that we would feel good with he as our builder. So a relationship began. Lynn and I felt the following things were important as we went forward: that we could communicate easily, that we could be in touch when needed from Ohio, that we could trust that he would onsite and the home would be finished on time, that he gave us his word that things would be taken care of to the best of his ability, when the home was completed and we lived in it that he would be there to take care of things that might happen, and that he was honest and ethical.

We can say that all of those things were more than adequately addressed and on top of that Kenny became a dear friend. We have given his name to many other folds moving here, from time to time we call to see if he can help on something and we enjoy hearing about his family and his plans for things in the future.

He continues to live his life as an honest Christian man, full of genuine concern for his family and others. We are thankful for all that he has done for us!

In friendship and appreciation,
Jim & Lynn Moyers


Dearest Kenny,

For years we dreamed of our prefect “retirement” home in a perfect place with perfect neighbors! Then we found you – our perfect builder – who built us our perfect home on a perfect lot in wonderful Tellico Village with incredible neighbors!!!

But you know what? Not only did we find that perfect builder, we found a very good friend in you! You had to be our friend – who else loves sweets as mush as me! Who else would work with me till that window bench was just the right size? Who else would come to our rescue later when we needed help with a new project? Who else would take the time to also help wheel in concrete for a new garden shed?

We appreciate Steffanie asking us to participate in her Christmas gift to you – only because of you is each of our Christmases spent in the most beautiful house ever – it’s just perfect!

Love to you, Teresa and your family!

John and Gwen Knueven
116 Wewoka Way


We still love our house! So many people have come in and said, “Oh, I love this open space!” And then they comment on the beautiful stone fireplace you worked so hard on, bringing in stone three times until you and we were satisfied with it. And peppering our ceiling with lights, to the point were Joe said, “No more!” Not many builders would have gone to those limits. Add to that the fact that we enjoyed working with you so much and feel that you became a fine friend. Not many home owners can say that about their builders, either. So, thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

Char and Mike Kirchoff
3212 Wewoka Lane

“Our Builder”
Kenny Mashburn

Just to let you know how much we love our new home. Although we didn’t pick the plans or anything in the home, all the details were just perfect.

The compliments we get from family and friends are unbelievable, they can’t believe the quality you put in your homes.

We feel so fortunate to have picked this home over so many others. But more importantly to have met such a caring person

Thanks again, wishing you much success in the future.

Gary & Beverly Click

Dear Kenny,

It was a lucky day for us when you became our builder.  As long distant clients, our needs were greater.  You and Monica have been a pleasure to work with, and not only met all our needs, but built us a dream house!

Thank you!  It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with you.

Karen and John, Proud owners of a Mashburn House


Our community is lucky to have you improving and building.  You and your crew are the best!

The Bensons

Thank you for the beautiful job done on my baths.  It was a pleasure working with you and your crew of delightful people.

Becky Haile

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